School of mathematical and logical skills
School of mathematical and logical skills
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School of mathematical and logical skills

SuperClever Juniors

You can influence the intellectual development of your children.

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Encourage your children to develop their potential with the innovative Superclever program.

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ITClever program! In today's technological world, this educational program stimulates intelligence.

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Our school participates in international competitions in mental arithmetic and Rubik's cube solving, promoting the development of skills, knowledge, and a competitive spirit. Our talented students regularly win awards and recognitions. The school provides support for their progress and success. Join us and discover how our students achieve extraordinary results! Only 5.8% of the world\’s population can solve a Rubik\’s cube! The average student at Superclever school solves the Rubik’s cube in less than 1 minute!


Want to bring Superclever to your town? Become part of an international franchise that is pushing boundaries! How to become a franchiser of the international math-logic school SUPERCLEVER?

    Mental arithmetics

    The Path to Your Child's Success!
    Mental arithmetic is not just a mathematical skill, but an approach to learning that improves a child’s concentration, creativity and self-confidence. With mental arithmetic, children develop a better understanding of mathematics and prepare for a technology-oriented world, gaining key skills for success in many professions.

    Online platform

    Discover the Adventure of Learning with Every Click!
    Interactive Gaming Education
    Dive into a world where learning meets fun! Our online game platform offers your child an informal and engaging way to learn. Through interactive and immersive gaming experiences, children can explore new concepts, enhance their problem-solving skills, and embrace learning without even realizing it.


    The SuperClever Program is being implemented across 14 countries!

    Since our daughter started attending Superclever, she has become much more organized and focused. Her school teachers have also noticed a change in her approach to learning and have complimented her progress. We are extremely pleased that we enrolled her in this program!


    Ever since our daughter started attending the Superclever program, we have noticed a significant improvement in her concentration and ability to solve mathematical problems. The program has helped her gain confidence, which has had a positive impact on all aspects of her life.


    Superclever has truly transformed our child’s life. Their mental arithmetic skills are impressive, but what brings us the most joy is how they have developed creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. We highly recommend this program to all parents!